A few kind words from our clients...

"To Chuck and the entire staff at The Z Plane, thank you for a wonderful website! We asked for you to take C-FACTOR's original site to a new level and you went well beyond anything we expected...."

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A Few Kind Words From Our Clients

Below are some of the kind words our clients have left us. We have enjoyed working with each and every one of them and hope to continue to do so for years to come!

"Dear Chuck,

In our industry, not unlike others, reputations are ours to create and to uphold. I would like to compliment you on yours. Just as reputations are valued, so are perceptions. In the ever changing and dynamic electronic marketplace, companies completely lose the ability to have direct contact with a potential customer. The Z Plane has been an asset to bringing credibility to the, 'first impressions are everlasting impressions,' way of life for Proven Partners' website.

We know what our skills sets are, and more importantly, are not. Website development, graphic design and related areas were things that we decided to outsource. After spending the time and energy in interviewing several providers of such services, I am truly grateful that we had the opportunity to engage The Z Plane. Your company delivered on high expectations, on time and within the planned budget. Ingenuity only becomes valuable if it can be executed upon, and your innovative ideas offered Proven Partners that opportunity.

We look forward to continuing building our relationship with The Z Plane, and would like to formally thank you for your efforts and tenacity with providing services and value to our organization."

Dave Nelson - Vice President, Business Development
Proven Partners Group, Inc.

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Dear Chuck,

I wanted very much to thank you for the excellent work that you did in redesigning and reworking our website. I believe that finding the right balance of looking like a "financial services" organization as well as a "quasi-governmental" organization was a tricky task, and you did an excellent job. Aesthetically, the site looks crisp, clean, and easy to navigate. Functionally, you have vastly increased out staff's ability to maintain and update the website by making the management and maintenance capabilities understandable and accessible. Professionally and interpersonally, it has been a pleasure to work with you! I appreciate how accessible, responsive, and gracious you have been to us!

Chuck, I am truly proud of our website. Previously, I rarely referred our members/clients to the site. Now, I use it regularly to direct customers to answers that they need as well as to check on date and forms for my own use!

Thank you so much for your work and for this wonderfully redesigned website! We look forward to working with you on future enhancements and website innovations.


Michelle R.B. Saddler - Executive Director
Illinois Metropolitan Investment Fund

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Dear Chuck,

I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for your hard work on developing the Village's Website. The extra time you took listening to our desires and concerns is greatly appreciated. The site is everything we could hope for, you definitely captured our small town feel while incorporating your design.

I have received many unsolicited compliments on the ease of use for our residents, the information they can receive and the look of our new site. We hope to add bill paying functions for our utilities in the near future and will call you when budget allows us to incorporate those additional features.

On a personal note, as a resident of Pingree Grove, I know you donated more time on development and coding then you quoted on your proposal. Your community is grateful for your contribution and it has not gone unnoticed. Your professionalism and promptness made this project a pleasure to work with you on.

Clint Carey - Mayor
Village of Pingree Grove

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Dear Chuck and The Z Plane LLC,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for more than a job well done. It was a pleasure working with you from our initial idea of the possible directions we wanted to take our company, all the way to the final tweaks to our website.

I would also like to commend you on your knowledge and understanding, to say that either is above the call of duty would be a gross understatement. Your ideas were dead on, even when we couldn't see the whole picture and I'm quite sure drove you insane changing concepts, changing them again and finally changing them back to the original. You were patient and always there at our every call. You made us feel as if we were the only thing in the world that you had to do.

That means a lot to us and I can speak on behalf of all of us that I have no doubt in my mind that we made the right decision in going with The Z Plane. Not that we needed reassurance on what an incredible and outstanding job you did for us on our logo and web design, but we have certainly gotten it. From clients to colleagues, our website gets nothing less than stellar reviews. We still find ourselves occasionally clicking around on it for no reason other than to admire it.

You have most certainly outdone our hopes and expectations.


Frank Grumeretz - President
Turning Point Productions, LLC

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"The Z Plane has always been able to improve upon our original concept. You take our CAD drawings and come back to us with a rendering that is truly a piece of art worthy of any office lobby. By adding our customer's logo to the finished pieces, our lobby gallery clearly illustrates the scope of our capabilities and the caliber of clients to all of our visitors. Your attention to detail and the richness of the textures you use elevate your work from being just another wall hanging to being a lively conversational piece. Your work has proven to be an outstanding asset to our marketing material as well. We look forward to to the next one! "

Joe O'Connor - Director of Marketing
Automotion Systems Group, Inc.

"Dear Chuck,

We're so grateful to have met you and to have TheZPlane by our side as we explore new heights with our non-profit organization. You have done things over and above to help our organization with our web designing needs. We were especially amazed by the final outcome of the logo design!

What we valued the most was the manner in which the work was done, professionally and timely. We look forward to working with you and TheZPlane in the future. Thank you for all of your help."

Sundeep Sagar -
The Children's Network

".....We believe that choosing the The Z Plane as a partner for our new site has made a difference in our bands perception, credibility, fan interaction and has also greatly increased our marketability to one of the major facets of what we were trying to achieve, new and repeat business. I would highly recommend The Z Plane to anyone looking to create a new look, and grow their current or future business. Take a look at our site and the others they have successfully implemented. We're sure you will want to become a new partner in the Z Plane family of satisfied customers (extremely satisfied in my case). Thanks, Chuck for an A+ site!"

Kevin Conner - Lead Guitar / Vocals

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"Chuck, we are very pleased with the Website that The Z Plane designed and implemented for us. It definitely puts us ahead of the competition when it comes to our presence in the industry. It's informative and it has a great look. The animation between pages is definitely an eye grabber. When the site went live, a number of our clients commented on how intuitive it was, especially when compared to our competitor's sites. The time you took to understand our industry and competition, and your input with the creative ideas were the aspects of a working relationship we had not had in developing our past website. Thanks for going the extra mile to give us such a good presence on the Web and a leg up on our competitors!"

Richard Turner - Director of Operations
The Installation Group, LLC

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To Chuck and the entire staff at The Z Plane, thank you for a wonderful website! We asked for you to take C-FACTOR's original site to a new level and you went well beyond anything we expected. From all your technical support in the beginning to launch our site on a very short time schedule to your continuing assistance on updating our site was beyond helpful. We have been overwhelmed with complements from others bands, fans and other people in the web design industry. We look forward to a long relationship with The Z Plane and can not thank you all enough.

Jennifer, Bobby, Sean, Michael, Brian and Dominick -

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"Dear Chuck,

It is a pleasure working with you. Your passion for what you do reflects in the quality of your work. You are prompt on doing what needs to be done, resolving issues, giving professional advice and in educating your client when needed and doing so in the utmost professional manner.

One response I received after someone viewed our new website was "Wow, I was knocked off my chair!"

The Z Plane renovated our website and turned it into a more professionally looking business site, just what I was looking for and without any hassles.

I highly recommend The Z Plane for website design. I know anyone working with you will also experience the same."

Maryann Hutson - President
FBS Group, Inc.

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